Energy and Healing 101: Transform Your Life

by Candice J Creelman

- About Reiki -
The Attunement Process

What is an Attunement?

There is a very distinctive difference between how Reiki is taught, compared to how other healing modalities are taught. Most forms of healing only involve teaching the technique, history, how they work, etc. Reiki involves one further step called an Attunement, which is one of the reasons why it is believed that Reiki originated from Tibetan Buddhism. Historically speaking,Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhist system that involved an empowerment that would accompany particular teachings.

The Reiki attunement involves a very specific series of steps that the master follows, which energetically passes the ability to practice Reiki, onto the student. Attunements could also be called initiations. In order to be able to practice Reiki and use any of the symbols in a session, one must be attuned to them. It is basically like turning on a light switch that, instead of turning of the flow of electricity that will allow a light bulb to turn on, it allows the flow of Reiki energy to flow from the universe, through the practitioner, and out their hands.

We all have the ability to channel energy through us with or without having a Reiki attunement. If you were riding a bike, and you hit a rock and fell off and banged your knee, what would be the first thing you would naturally do with your hands? Our bodies intuitively already know that we have small energy centres, like mini-chakras, in the palms of our hands. When we place our hands on an injured part of our body, or any spot where there is pain or discomfort, we notice that it begins to feel better almost immediately.

If our child injures themselves, we automatically do the same, and they are comforted as well. This is not a working of our imaginations, there is a very real energy that flows when we put hands on. When you receive an attunement, it “powers up” that flow of energy, so that it is tenfold stronger.

We also know that intent is a very powerful force in the universe. When we learn consciously, how to tap into these frequencies, this also helps us to be more focused in our use of this energy. As we learn and begin to trust that we know how to tap in, and that this energy is always there when we ask, the flow becomes more and more free flowing. Basically, practice makes perfect. The more we consciously work with the Reiki energy, the better at it we get, the easier it flows through us and into the recipient.An attunement is required to practice the specific discipline of Reiki.

Many practitioner channel other forms of energy, some of them even call it Reiki. What they are really doing is channel some other frequency, but it is not necessarily Reiki. It does not mean that it is wrong, or not as effective as Reiki, it simply means that is different. There are many very powerful forms of energy healing out there, and all equally viable.

The Reiki attunement can be a very powerful, mystical experience for some, and very subtle for others. There is not right or wrong in terms of what happens for a Reiki student, during their attunement. Some people feel nothing, while others are literally off in the “ethers”, receiving lessons from guides at the same time as receiving their Reiki attunement. I have had many such experiences myself.

At the end of my first time taking my level one attunement, my hands were still in prayer position and I could not pull them apart for at least an hour after the attunement was finished. Everyone in my class informed me that I could put my hands down. I replied by telling them that my hands appeared to be “stuck” together. I knew I could have forced them apart, but intuitively I knew that this would disturb the process that I was going through, so I left them as they were. They eventually melted apart, as if a the magnet that was holding them together, slowly lost it’s power.

In my level two class with my second Reiki teacher, at the same time as receiving my attunements to the symbols, I was actually working with Archangel Michael and learning a whole other form of healing that I was to begin to incorporate into my healing practice.

Some students simply see colors and images, hear voices from their higher self or guides, or receiving “knowing's”. Others just feel an increase in the amount of energy that is flowing through them and feel a much deeper sense of peace.

Remember that with Reiki, whatever you receive during an attunement, will be exactly what you were needing. Nothing more and nothing less. The intelligence and wisdom of Reiki applies to this process, as well as when you are working on someone else. You will never receive or be shown anything that you are not ready to handle, and you will never be put into any kind of harms way.

Once you have received a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the remainder of your life. It will never go away, even if you never practice, and it will never wear off. While only one attunement is required to be able to use Reiki, every time you receive an attunement, you will benefit. Each time, you will go to a deeper level of the energy. It will also act as a further and deeper healing, enhancing your healing process.

Other benefits of receiving Reiki attunements many times throughout your lifetime include an increase of the amount of energy that can be channeled through you, a deeper level of understanding of Reiki energy, increased intuitive abilities, and a raised level of consciousness. These are only a few suggestions of what will happen with regular attunements. There are many teacher who will give additional attunements at no extra cost.

The Clearing Process

The attunement process also activates a clearing process so that the energy will flow more freely through you, as a practitioner. This cleansing process can affect the physical body, as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Toxins that may have been held in the bodies, can be released, old wounds and traumas can be healed and old patterns released. This does not always happen after an attunement, but don’t be surprised if it does.

There are many symptoms that can be triggered if you do go through this clearing process. Symptoms such as colds and flues, tiredness and needing to sleep, insomnia, feeling the need to cry or release stuck emotions, the need to suddenly “tie up loose ends” with people or situations, a realization that certain people are toxic to you, the sudden desire to change where you live or your job, etc.

These are just a few examples of what can happen. It doesn't’t mean that you will experience any of these symptoms. You may not experience any symptoms at all, or yours may be completely different. They could last a few hours, to several weeks, or more.

If you ever have any concerns about the process you are going through, do not hesitate to contact your Reiki teacher and let them know. One of the jobs of a good Reiki teacher is for support and to answer questions. Most won’t mind you calling them at reasonable hours, to ask questions you may have. With my students, I always encourage them to keep in contact with me, and let them know that they are never alone in this process.



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